Happy 420 From Modus! 💨

About Modus Brand

If you’re craving a powerful alternative cannabis experience with a perfect balance of potency and flavor, congratulations. You’ve found what you’re looking for. 

Modus launched as a team of passionate hemp consumers with a combined 30+ years of experience in the alternative products industry. Today, Modus is a leading supplier of hemp-derived products coast to coast.

As a company, we’ve always kept one thing in mind: How you operate defines who you are. Using an innovative approach to craft premium hemp products at consumer-friendly prices is our method of operation or “modus operandi.” Our company name is our guarantee to the Modus community. You can expect the gold standard from us because how we operate ensures it. 

At Modus, we’re experts on cannabinoids. But that’s not all. We work to fill in the blank of  “what’s possible?” by pioneering the best Delta 8, HXC strains, THC-P strains, and potent cannabis terpenes on the market. Our ever-expanding catalog of hemp products offers opportunities for release, connection, and exciting mental stimulation. 

Our DEA-approved labs work with the most potent cannabinoids and freshest ingredients to craft the mouthwatering flavors and premium hemp adventures you love. We use third-party labs to test our products for the highest quality and safety. Allow us to be your trusted source of credible information. We provide thorough detail for every plant extract, ingredient, and method we use. We’re proud to keep it real with you every step of the way. 

We’re Modus. Choose the top shelf.