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Reliable company. Reliable product.

Online order

Very easy to order and loved the discounts. Great product and great service!!

Adrian Cook
Upper Cut

Upper Cut packs a punch.

$25 Merch Gift Card
Finn Kitchen
Got it for Free

I got this for free and used it to buy a tank top in their merch shop. I love this brand haha

Brittney Richtmeyer
Presidential Review

Amazing prices! Amazing product! Best thing for my PTSD

Iced out air device

Great product, works well

Great gummies with desired effect

Awesome product

Great product, fast shipping. Excellent buying experience.

Awesome products & fast shipping!!

Great pain relief

This has helped my husband get through serious surgery recovery when narcotics couldn't relieve the pain.

Love it

I get these from the smoke shop and I love them. I've tried other brands but this one never clogs or gives me any trouble. Feels so relaxing and just happy with what I get.


nice flavor and enjoy the disposable carts

Make Sure You Read 😅

As the title would have you believe, I didn't read the description of the specific blends each kind of gummie contains. Please do so, so that way you don't accidentally buy something that doesn't give you the experience you're looking for. I bought the 3000mg Uppercut Blend, but probably been much happier with the 3000mg Tap Out, or Knock Out blends.

Now that's not to say they're bad. They're good. The flavor tasted like what the bag said they did, Tropical Mango, and Golden Pineapple. Though I do wish the pineapple flavor was more forward, and lasted a little longer after consuming. Minor nitpick aside, they do live up to their name, and uppercut the hell out of you. It's unexpected too. I'm used to waiting nearly two hours for edibles to begin firing the engines one at a time before launching off the pad, and rocketing you towards outerspace. Oh no, these will launch you toward planet Snoopiter in no time at all. Probably 20 or 30 minutes, and you're feeling it Mr Krabs. Though thankfully the munchies weren't that outrageous, to me, anyway. I will buy another bag to see if my theory is correct about me preferring the other two blends, Knockout, or Tap Out, over the Uppercut Blend. Though, that'll probably need to wait until next month some time.

Was surprised how mellow high was. Like smoking 50 year old pot. Very nice feeling and enjoyed my evening very much.

Iced out slim limited edition review

All the strains have great flavor except the Princess cut. The Princess Cut is straight up disgusting. I won't be able to finish that device because the flavor is that bad. Other than that the device works well and does what it should.

Can’t wait to buy more.

These are going to be a staple in gummy dosages going forward.


Love the new device and blend! Iced out has the best airflow. However, the presidential is the perfect in between!


This stuff is great! The mouth peices on the cartages should be glow in the dark! No complaints, battery works perfect!

Holy ****

I'm not one to take half a gummy.... but after taking a full gummy i'm only taking 1/2 or even 1/4 of these. They kick in fast and hit hard.


I love these, all my stress and anxiety disappeared, I was so relaxed and slept amazingly and didn't feel groggy in the morning. This is my new go to gummy.


Everything was amazing, great products with great flavors!


Definitely worth a try.

Modus pres. Peach 5000

Not as good as my last purchase. The product came on time( before on time) and all. It was just try something different and it didn't. Thank you. Ill order again w you w a different product.

I love modus! I love all of the products I’ve tried, and this is no different. Highly recommend!

Wonderful product

What a treat to get a bag full of goodies! And got a keychain and bag as well. Splendid!