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Why Our Knockout Delta 8 Blend Is a Bestseller?

Why Our Knockout Delta 8 Blend Is a Bestseller?

Why Our Knockout Delta 8 Blend Is a Bestseller?

If you’ve come across Modus Knockout Delta 8 blend and you’re wondering what it is, this post was made for you. At Modus, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation to create the purest, most potent, and most satisfying hemp and cannabis products. It is this quest for excellence that led us to create our unique Knockout Delta 8 blend.

What is in Our Knockout Delta 8 Blend?

As the name implies, our Knockout Delta 8 Blend packs a punch. Our Knockout Blend is composed of three main ingredients: Delta 10, Delta 8 live resin, and THC-P. Let’s break this down a bit and tell you about these ingredients so you know what to expect from the blend.

  • Delta 8 Live Resin: Our Delta 8 live resin is a thick, amber-colored extract of the hemp plant. It produces a similar euphoric and calming high as THC, but without the anxiety-inducing effects that some people experience.
  • THC-P: Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that is up to 33 times stronger than THC. Unlike THC, which has only three carbon atoms in its chemical structure, THC-P has seven different carbon atoms. This explains why it produces such a powerful high.
  • Delta 10: Also known as Delta X is a psychotropic cannabinoid. It is known to produce similar effects to Delta 8 THC. It can produce euphoria and induce relaxation. Delta X can help to relieve stress and tension.

We believe in transparency at Modus. That’s why all our products are tested by a third-party laboratory and the test results are available on our website. It is our dedication to transparency that motivates us to provide this detailed explanation of what is in our Knockout Blend so you don’t have to wonder what is Knockout Delta 8.

All our products contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

What Modus Products Are Available with the Knockout Delta 8 Blend?

We understand that we all have our individual preferences when it comes to Delta 8 products. That is why we make our Knockout Delta 8 Blend available in different options. You can opt for Knockout vapes or Knockout gummies.

When shopping for our Knockout vapes, you can opt for either Knockout Carts or Knockout Blend disposable vaporizers. The cartridge devices work on any standard 510 battery, and the disposables are ready to go without any other accessories. Both are great options that allow you to enjoy our Knockout Delta 8 Blend conveniently.

Last but not least, our Knockout Delta 8 gummies are available in different flavors including Mamba Melon, Purple Grape, Sour Blue Razz, Berry Bite, Lemon Lime, and Tropical Fusion. Regardless of which flavor you pick, you’ll be blown away by the mouthwatering taste and potent effects.

What Makes Modus Knockout Blend Different From All the Others?

There are a few brands that have Knockout Blends, such as the Flying Monkey Knockout Blend Knockout Carts. What differentiates our Knockout Blend from all the others is the fact that we insist on using the purest high-quality ingredients for all our products. The Delta 8 used in this product is extracted from hemp plants grown and processed in the U.S.

What’s more, unlike the Flying Monkey Knockout Blend, our Knockout Blend is made with Delta 8 live resin and not Delta 8. Also, our Knockout Delta 8 Blend is available in gummies, cartridges, and disposable vaporizers.

Listen to what Cam Allen had to say about the Modus D8 Cartridge in his 5-star review:

The cartridge comes in a beautiful stylized box sporting an equally sleek cart inside. Flighty, tangy flavor? Hits well and makes for a great time. Loved my first day out of the box with mine. A classic Modus [vape].”

To learn more about our Knockout Delta 8 Blend and all our other products, head over to our online store today!

Written by Zachary Walls Writer for Medusa Delta 8
Zachary Walls
Born and raised in Northern California to a family with generations of cannabis knowledge. In addition to being a cannabis connoisseur himself, Zach is an owner/operator at a popular barbershop in the East Bay. In his spare time, Zach creates music and has worked with many influential bay area hip-hop and r&b artists. Follow on Instagram.


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