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What flavor strains do disposables come in?

Orange x Zkittlez: This device has a yummy sweet, orange flavor with herbal and piney notes. There’s also a spicy twist to this strain. It contains terpenes derived from the Orange Bud and Zkittlez strain.

Mango x Dream: This device delivers a tropical mango flavor with blueberry and citrus notes. It contains terpenes from two classic strains—Mango OG and Blue Dream. 

Lemon x Cookies: This device has a unique dessert-like flavor with citrus and skunky notes. It contains terpenes from Lemon OG and Girl Scout Cookies. 

Gushers x Runtz: This device was created for everyone who loves candy. It has a fruity candy flavor with creamy undertones. This blend contains terpenes from White Gushers and Runtz OG.

Acai x Gelato: This device has a unique fruity, creamy flavor. There’s a hint of sourness to it. This flavor is the result of a blend of terpenes from the Acai Berry Gelato and Gelato strains.

Bazooka x Cookies: This device contains terpenes from two popular strains—Bazooka Joe and Girl Scout Cookies. The result is a disposable device with a sweet, candy-like flavor and minty undertones.

You can read our disposable review wrap-up here.

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