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What Flavors do Gummies Come In?

Sour X Lemonade: These gummies capture the exact taste of the summertime drink it’s named after. They have a sour taste and a rich citrus-y flavor. The name of these gummies captures the flavor perfectly.

Lime X Sorbet: If you love sour gummies, you’ll be thrilled by the taste of’s Lime x Sorbet. These gummies have a sweet-sour taste and an unmistakable lemon sorbet flavor.

Mango X Tango: These gummies have the sweet, tropical taste of ripe mangoes. The flavor will bring some summer sunshine to your day.

Blue X Razz: If you love blue raspberry, these gummies were made just for you. They have the sweet/sour taste of blue raspberry. The flavor is rich and authentic.

Berry X Blast: These gummies have the flavor of mixed berries. The sweet-sour flavor is highly enjoyable. 

You can read the full overview of gummies here.

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