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Clogging Issues

Our team is In the process of modifying our hardware to insure that there will be no more clogging or defective issues. 

If you are experiencing clogging issues here are instructions to un-clog your device.
Removing Clogs: If you experience clogging, unwind a paperclip and insert it all the way down the airway of the mouthpiece, past the actual mouthpiece and swirl the walls. Remove the oil from the paperclip and continue until there is no more oil being pulled (this oil can be eaten like an edible). This is usually the only proper way to clear clogs.
Length of Hits: Short and sweet 3-4 second hits are best. Again, the chasing of big Instagram-worthy clouds is going to run you into clogging issues. Taking 3 x 3.3 second hits > 2 x 5 second hits > 1 x 10 second hit. The longer you go, the hotter you get (on autodraws), and the more oil flows through and it leaves more vapor in the airway when you’re done.
Don’t Vape if Cart is Left in the ColdThis is especially applicable in the winter when cartridges get left in cold cars. When you vape a cold cartridge the air has to travel through a very cold mouthpiece and a lot more oil will condense on the inside of the airway. This is one of the quickest ways to get clogs and have oil at the tip of the mouthpiece. You should always try to bring carts to room temp before using them.
Expectations: The average user-type experiences a clog at some point in a D8 cartridge, but typically it’s seen at the halfway to 3/4 point (this is also common in D9 cartridges). That’s just because the average user is not willing to do all of the things above, all of the time, so it eventually catches up to them. But if you’re at least willing to do the minimum maintenance required (paperclip method above) right when issues arise, then it is usually a quick, lasting fix.
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5/5 highly recommend cereal milk


Awesome blend! Great flavors

Gen 2

Love the new design and blends.
Had a small issue with one but the modus team took care of me super quick!

Best pre rolls I have ever tried!

I have tried so many pre rolls and products it’s hard to really keep count. My husband has a traumatic brain injury and refuses to take pharmaceuticals medication. We loved the watermelon zkittles it had amazing flavor and actually worked. It’s amazing bc we can actually smoke and not have to worry about haters calling the police. Thanks for making an amazing product.


I have tried so many different company’s that are out there and different blends but this was really smooth and had an amazing taste. Can’t wait to try more of your amazing products.

Great product

I battle with insomnia and this product is letting me sleep finally! Fantastic taste as well.

Yummy gummies

Help me eat and sleep

had a problem with their xl 510 battery. was sent a replacement

i had a problem with their xl510battery. contacted customer service and was sent a replacement. this one works well . thank you!

The best yet!

I only need a small piece to relax me and maintain calmness.

Better Than The Jeffery Candyland that I bought from the Green Dragon!

I Would Buy This Again! It's something about this that gives an interesting High... I'll admit I like this, I will be buying a lot more.

It would be nice if you labeled the cart with what type of strain it has. If you have multiple carts you can't tell the difference between them unless you keep the box which is annoying. Other than that it's a great product.

I can sleep!!

Modus helps me wind down in the evening and let’s me fall asleep and stay asleep!!

Wonderful product

These are the best gummies. Best tasting, best price, and wonderful high.

Upper cut gummies

Outstanding!! They never fail to fix the mood! Love Love Love them!!

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First and only gummy that helps me stay asleep all night and I don’t wake up groggy!!!!! 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Went and checked this out and got one I'm keep buying them helps me get thru the day with my anxiety I recommend it

They're legit. 👍

I had the green crack preroll and it was nice. It was actually better than some street bud.


Excellent service great product


Great gummies... Fast acting and relaxes you. I will be ordering again.

Best favor and quality ever

This is a real hard fixer, strong, great taste, unlike and other I have tasted and I have taste a looooot. Never clogged, al ways lots of smoke. Net to try an India now

Best gummies around

I'm a disabled veteran. Nothing works for pain and ptsd. The amount of pills prescribed is ridiculous. However, micro dosing with the gummy all day and a half at bed time has been a godsend. Thanks for giving me my life back.


I received my package yestetday.


Have used hybrid, sativa and indica tap-out blends and all provide a solid experience. Also, discounts can be obtained on the internet.

“Knock out”

Best gummy’s on the market in my opinion…


Great product. Good.service.