Clogging Issues

Our team is In the process of modifying our hardware to insure that there will be no more clogging or defective issues. 

If you are experiencing clogging issues here are instructions to un-clog your device.
Removing Clogs: If you experience clogging, unwind a paperclip and insert it all the way down the airway of the mouthpiece, past the actual mouthpiece and swirl the walls. Remove the oil from the paperclip and continue until there is no more oil being pulled (this oil can be eaten like an edible). This is usually the only proper way to clear clogs.
Length of Hits: Short and sweet 3-4 second hits are best. Again, the chasing of big Instagram-worthy clouds is going to run you into clogging issues. Taking 3 x 3.3 second hits > 2 x 5 second hits > 1 x 10 second hit. The longer you go, the hotter you get (on autodraws), and the more oil flows through and it leaves more vapor in the airway when you’re done.
Don’t Vape if Cart is Left in the ColdThis is especially applicable in the winter when cartridges get left in cold cars. When you vape a cold cartridge the air has to travel through a very cold mouthpiece and a lot more oil will condense on the inside of the airway. This is one of the quickest ways to get clogs and have oil at the tip of the mouthpiece. You should always try to bring carts to room temp before using them.
Expectations: The average user-type experiences a clog at some point in a D8 cartridge, but typically it’s seen at the halfway to 3/4 point (this is also common in D9 cartridges). That’s just because the average user is not willing to do all of the things above, all of the time, so it eventually catches up to them. But if you’re at least willing to do the minimum maintenance required (paperclip method above) right when issues arise, then it is usually a quick, lasting fix.
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OG pebbelz

This flavor is REALLY good. Tastes like fruity cereal. This stuff is the absolute best for when the anxiety is bad but you still need to be functional (like, can’t have an addled mind.) From someone who really struggles with PTSD and chronic pain, I highly recommend the Modus line.

God’s Gift

This stuff is great! Looks slick with the modus brand battery. The flavor I got is not quite what I was expecting but not bad. I suffer from very bad PTSD and no medication was working, not to mention the pain I have from the events that caused the PTSD. This stuff helps so much, keeps me sane, honestly. If you are on the fence, just do it. You won’t regret it.

Kenneth DeJesus
Knockout review

I’ve mentioned in reviews how much I enjoy the 2 gram vape cartridges. So I decide to try the new knockout air and really enjoy this disposable. It’s smooth, compact and fluorescent green (which helps cause I always misplace things🤣. Zero disappointments with Modus” products…And it doesn’t break the bank like these in person smoke shops…. Thanks again…

Best brand

I’ve tried so many brands of d8/d10/hxc products and modus is the best. I tend to like the uppercut blend more than the knockout. I am a heavy smoker of d9 and it’s the only brand that REALLY feels like d9 effects. Helps my anxiety a ton and I can sleep so much better. Great flavor and smooth pulls. Starts to get clogged with about 1/4 left though but it doesn’t take much to unclog it unlike some others hah. One 2g cart will last me about 5 days which is better than alot of other brands as well. My next one I’m trying is their HXC cart and I have high hopes for it.

Love this one!

Gives me energy and helps my neuropathy, the buzz is just a bonus. Been drinking a lot less alcohol since I bought this. Will definitely order more and tell my friends!


The best legal hemp products I've found in Texas

Takes the edge off


Knocked It Out of the Park

Really solid. They are pretty strong so it took some experimenting, but eventually I figured out the right dose and these have been fantastic. I use them daily.

Carrie Al-mahmoud
Love these!

I am
A stylist with autoimmune issues. On my feet up to 10 hours some days. I take these daily. Love the physical relief, and also the mental lift I get! I’ve tried plenty of gummies and I’m a longtime cannabis user. These are fabulous! A++

I’m a fan

Bought a lot of different types of delta and Modus Brand cannot be beat. Keeps me coming back


Great flavor

Douglas Woodman
Great probuct

I've been using this product for awhile bit was getting it from a different supplier. I decided to switch to Modus because of shipping and cost 9f the product. Modus did not let me down. Shipping was very quick and the product the same. It's costing me less money ey through Modus so ++!

The ONLY Brand you need to know

I bought all 3 of the new HXC KNOCKOUT AIR blends with CDT and they're all good. I'm a seasoned daily smoker and it's nice to puff on these during the day without bringing attention to you. I stole some of my daughters stickers to put on them so I can identify which is which. Horchata is my fave in HXC.

Slightly Earthy

Love the rise I get from this. Definitely good for a night out. Taste isn't my type but is definitely better then the cereal milk types. Earthy and smooth.

Darth PsAyTko

I got the Upper Cut Blend White Grape X Fuji Apple, and they are delicious. Also The Lemon Lime blew my Mind. Thanks Modus

Morgan Soltes

Very tasty and pulls well without clogging

Delicious and Effective

Delicious and effective

Stephanie Dezern
Modus Delta 8

Awesome products. Their Delta 8 products are better than all the others that I've tried


Highly recommend!! You wont be disappointed ✌🏼

Alyssa Hafliger
Amazing product

Always reliable!

Love it!!

I love how it feels in my hand. I have to put a sticker on mine so I'll know which one I'm vaping 😆. I wish they were different colors or stated what it was instead of just numbers. I love the Horchata the best! I bought all 3 bc I knew they all would be good.


I’ve tried several different brands, wasted too much money. knockout blends are superior to anything else I’ve tried.

Agatha Andrade
Fast shipping

Pretty smooth transactions always.

Always does it!

Love switching it up and picking up different carts from time to time.
Looking forward to seeing the Air strains move over to carts.