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Clogging Issues

Our team is In the process of modifying our hardware to insure that there will be no more clogging or defective issues. 

If you are experiencing clogging issues here are instructions to un-clog your device.
Removing Clogs: If you experience clogging, unwind a paperclip and insert it all the way down the airway of the mouthpiece, past the actual mouthpiece and swirl the walls. Remove the oil from the paperclip and continue until there is no more oil being pulled (this oil can be eaten like an edible). This is usually the only proper way to clear clogs.
Length of Hits: Short and sweet 3-4 second hits are best. Again, the chasing of big Instagram-worthy clouds is going to run you into clogging issues. Taking 3 x 3.3 second hits > 2 x 5 second hits > 1 x 10 second hit. The longer you go, the hotter you get (on autodraws), and the more oil flows through and it leaves more vapor in the airway when you’re done.
Don’t Vape if Cart is Left in the ColdThis is especially applicable in the winter when cartridges get left in cold cars. When you vape a cold cartridge the air has to travel through a very cold mouthpiece and a lot more oil will condense on the inside of the airway. This is one of the quickest ways to get clogs and have oil at the tip of the mouthpiece. You should always try to bring carts to room temp before using them.
Expectations: The average user-type experiences a clog at some point in a D8 cartridge, but typically it’s seen at the halfway to 3/4 point (this is also common in D9 cartridges). That’s just because the average user is not willing to do all of the things above, all of the time, so it eventually catches up to them. But if you’re at least willing to do the minimum maintenance required (paperclip method above) right when issues arise, then it is usually a quick, lasting fix.
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Modus KO Lemon HHC very potent- subtle - no heaviness and coughing

Different - cerebral- tokable- lemon - cheerful in the GA heat. Thank you very much

Simply AWESOME, best deal compared to local stores

Great products. No second rate thrift store grab bag items in the bag. All top shelf products.

Great Product

Great product! Will purchase again.

Love them

Been buying these the last few months! They are almost double at my local store so this saves us so much money. They def get the job done :)




These work great for daily functioning to help with mood and anxiety for me.

Loved them!!!

So good planning on re-ordering some more.

First take, it has a hit time display on lcd!!!

Just received today so this will not include how long it lasts. Got Shirley temple ice, I only use indica strains. Flavor is very good, not the absolute best but I'd give it a 9/10. My tolerance is very high right now and I still gotta say it did the trick, 8/10 for potency imo (and with my tolerance, for a first timer this is gonna be 10/10) and the device is sick. It's like grippy feeling and fits the hand very well. Doesn't really make cough unless it's a big rip and even then it's not bad in comparison to some I've had. It has a hit count timer when you just draw to hit, its cool haha! Overall so far I am very very pleased with my purchase and this device by Modus!

Alberto Casiano
Bong in a Box

Bong in a Box... I'm new to brands but so far Modus has met all my needs. Platinum is top shelf...


Presidential treatment

The Presidential Gummies work great! Very mellow and feeling wonderfully faded. I tried the Caribbean Punch and the Peach Freeze. Both pack a "punch" and "freeze" you to your couch. Nice.


Great price, fast shipping, amazing product idk what there is to not be happy about 😁


I love love love the Zlushie from Modus Brand!!

hate it.

Hi. I am a retired disability guy. (lost part of my brain at 60 year) I don't do drugs so to speak, only aspirin. Since 1974 I have been getting high. At these days and rates, and my physical condition I want to buy legal weed. Modus,, has been my life savoir. I am a man who wear hats. It would be so nice to get a discount or a free hat for me to ware since I'm disabled and have time to show it off. I just hate that. Why not an option for disability people? Thanks. Kelly.

Surprising effective

Having little experience I purchased and hoped for the best. These did deliver!

Feelin' good

Upper Cut gummies make me feel pretty good, if I do say so. I've tried the Sativa, Indica and also a couple hybrid varieties. I really like the taste of the Tropical Mango x Golden Pineapple flavor hybrid. And even if you go for the 2000mg version, you will feel it. The Presidential blends are also great. Those are especially strong as far as effects go. So if you want some true couch lock those are the ones. But the 3000mg Upper Cut versions do a respectable job too.

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Mariam Kabir

$25 Merch Gift Card


These are amazing. I took these camping and it was mind blowing how smooth these smoked. They provide a nice buzz but not too overwhelming, especially when shared with others. Definitely want to get these again in the future!


Best hxc I’ve ever tried

The effects are unmatched! Alien bubblegum and white gushers are must try’s. 5/5 this is the best company if found by far

Way better than i expected

Modus gummies

Bought for my husband, nothing helps him sleep, these actually, work, thank you!!!!!!


If I could put 6 stars I would SMASH that so quick it would make your head spin. This shop & brand is the best. Been using them for years . Best quality at best price. These guys will hook you up!

Very Powerful!

I am very impressed with these gummies! I wasn't expecting these to be this strong. I recommend eating a half of one a day to start with. Then eventually go up to a whole one a day.