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Glad I found these!

I had the original version of these a year or so ago, then my local seller stopped carrying them. I just made do with something else in his store but have NOT been happy lol. Decided to search and discovered the name change. This MODUS gummy is perfect, just like what I had before, stronger so I cut them down. Thanks for being "findable"!!!


They make me feel great! I order these a lot and I never regret getting them, great gummies and I think the price is good for what it has.

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Trica Mcmahel
Thank you

I have been ordering these for months. The best!

Stephanie Assarsson


Can’t wait

Just got these 5 mins ago. I love the indica Knock out gummies I have been buying them once a month for 2 years here in NY. We have a legal dispensary down the road but I would rather enjoy the body effects like the knockout gummies rather than smoke. I’ll try these tonight I’m hearing good reviews of this.

I normally absolutely love these..

Last round I ended up with one that's somehow leaking from the bottom and half of it ended up all over my desk. :(

Great product

Great cart

It is super nicely made

Ryan Lhee Cadavis

I like the preheat feature because it heats up cold resin and keeps air flow clear when in use. I highly recommend.


I loved this product

Does the job!

I have had trouble sleeping for some time and started taking these to sleep and they do the trick! I wake you refreshed and ready for the day.


Got this disposable for my wife. She loves the small size and loves the taste. Wanted Cotton Candy but was out of stock so gone with the citrus. Now she is looking at other favors and is going to buy another one.

The best...

Absolutely the best vape on the market. Watermelon Skittles is my favorite vape, with a delicious taste and a wicked buzz. I love this stuff!!!

No go ...

I love Modus products, but these had absolutely no effect whatsoever. I guess I'll stick with the Watermelon Skittles vapes....

Upper Cut

Really impressed with these

King of the Caviar Coated

Best of the pricier prerolls. Would be hard pressed to find a blend that can take this one down one on one

Won't be disappointed

Solid choice, worth being a premium option over other blends

My go-to

God's Gift was the first preroll I tried and none since have taken it away as my main choice


Predictable and effective

Was excited, then so disappointed

I bought some of these in Charleston and loved them. I was excited to get these and spent more than $200 only to get them and open them up and they were all melted and in one big blob...the Dabs were all melted and inedible. :(

Mystery bag

Good variety and love the stickers and keychains that came with! Modus gummies are the only ones that I really like.

Berry Bites (Sativa)

These might be the BEST gummies that exist. They taste pretty good and when they kick in, you can feel your body relaxing. Like, melt into your chair because you’re going to be there for a bit relaxed.

Purple Monkey Balls (Indica)

I tried this for the first time and it’s pretty good. I like this one the most for taking out in public because it actually smells (and tastes) pretty good. It gave me the feeling I’d expected and I’m glad I tried it.