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KCA-Labs Compliant Pegasus

Modus has pioneered the new standard in distillate technology for 100% legal compliance in the United States.

Independent 3rd Party Modus Lab Testing

Pegasus Hemp Distillate

At MODUS, we are dedicated to establishing ourselves as the premier provider of compliant and safe products. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our transition to KCA-compliant products, aspiring not only to set a commendable example within the industry but to establish a new standard. Our KCA-compliant products will be progressively introduced across the entire United States by the beginning of 2024. This strategic move allows us to assure a 100% guarantee of safety and well-being for our distributors, wholesalers, retail partners, and end consumers.

Proprietary Technology and Compliance

Our Pegasus award-winning KCA-compliant Delta-8 distillate is meticulously crafted using proprietary technology that incorporates food-grade ingredients. This innovative process not only naturally degrades the Delta-9 isomer but also ensures the elimination of any residual catalysts or reagents from prior synthesis. It is noteworthy that our final product aligns seamlessly with the definition of a hemp byproduct as outlined in the 2018 Hemp Bill and will pass compliance testing in any laboratory in the United States, including renowned facilities such as KCA Labs and Armstrong Forensic Laboratory.

Manufacturing Excellence

Our Delta-8 distillate is produced in a cutting-edge facility accredited for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. This accreditation attests to the highest standards in the quality of ingredients intended for human consumption. Our facility is API verified and adheres to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Enhanced Product Characteristics - Superior Taste

Beyond meeting compliance standards, our product distinguishes itself through the manufacturer's commitment to incorporating additional steps in the production process. This results in a Delta-8 distillate that is not only compliant but also exhibits a cleaner, smoother profile, effortlessly surpassing required stability tests and a product that boasts a cleaner and more refined taste.

Award Winning Excellence

Our Delta-8 distillate meets and exceeds Pegasus standards, earning the prestigious Pegasus certification. 

In conclusion, our Complaint Delta-8 sets a new benchmark in the industry, combining stringent compliance, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to excellence. We invite you to experience the unparalleled quality and safety of MODUS Delta-8.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About Pegasus

What does it mean to be a KCA-Compliant product?

KCA is the go to lab that is used by government authorities to test products of questionable potency. Being KCA compliant means that our product won’t get them in trouble.

Where can we find the test results?

We have all the test results on our COA page. We have already sent out all our 3.0 and 2.0 products for testing.

Are the old products still safe?

Yes, all of our older products that we're produced before the change are still safe. We are taking this step to make sure all our customers are comfortable knowing our products are capable of passing the rigors of KCA and Armstrong Lab testing.

What does Pegasus mean?

Pegasus is the name given to this specific Delta-8 that is of such high potency, free of other impurities and incredibly stable. Pegasus is also the winged horse of Greek mythology. Fun fact: Medusa was beheaded by Perseus, and when her blood hit the ground, Pegasus was born from the earth.