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Name Change Announcement: Introducing Modus

Name Change Announcement: Introducing Modus

Name Change Announcement: Introducing Modus


Modus formally Medusa
California Diamond Distribution DBA Modus formally

Today, we are announcing an official brand name change to Modus.

In 2020, our company jumped into the market by producing high quality Delta 8 products. Quick expansion allowed us to become market leaders with our popular Knockout Blend product line. We have continued to innovate since then with our Uppercut Blends, CDT (Cannabis derived terpenes) and Air disposable devices all while using the latest extraction techniques to deliver the newest and greatest cannabinoid compounds under 0.3% Delta-9 THC. 

Our product line is now made up of over 75 different SKUs across edible gummies, cartridges, and disposables.
We are not stopping here.

The new name announced today, Modus symbolizes our pioneering spirit and our plans for growth with other natural ingredients in the health and wellness sectors. The quality, passion, and transparency that helped our business flourish remain constant.

While we are aware that our clients, supporters, and business partners may need some time to get used to this new name, we are confident that Modus is the next phase in the development of our brand and is a perfect fit for now, and the future.

 Here Are The Changes Taking Place:
New Brand Name: Modus
New Website URL from to (Dec 13th)
Email Addresses will be [name]
Packaging changes with new branding

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us:

Online retail customers:

Wholesale customers:


Thanks for your continued support of our company, we couldn't do any of this without you.


Happy Holidays,

Michael Hisaka, CEO


  • Please bring Fire OG and Bubba Kush to your lineup.

    Chase Hayes on

  • I stumbled upon this brand in recent months and I love everything so far! Cant wait for more flavors

    Matty G on

  • Congrat Modus team! Our customers LOVE your products and we are excited to see what the future brings!
    Ps. We adore working with our rep.

    Erica on

  • Congratulations on your well deserved success!

    Liam on

  • Our customers love your products. Keep up the good work and wishing you success with the re-branding.

    Peter Kandra on

  • Looking forward to what ya’ll bring to the table. Many thanks to the whole team!

    David C on

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