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What is the Modus D8 Uppercut Blend?

What is the Modus D8 Uppercut Blend?

What is the Modus D8 Uppercut Blend?

If you’ve been a Delta 8 user or advocate, you’ve no doubt come across or tried the Modus Knockout Blend. Known for its unique and potent blend of Delta cannabinoids, flavors, and consistency, it’s no wonder why it became the #1 bestseller. Ready to knock it out of the park once again, we’re excited to introduce the brand new Uppercut Blend! Another spectacular combination of potent all-natural cannabinoids and terpenes that delivers a powerful and highly satisfying experience.

Are you tired of the same ol’ Delta 8 products? Step out of the ordinary, and put these brand new Uppercut products in your cart immediately. Sorry, we might be getting ahead of ourselves, let us tell you why!

What’s in Modus Uppercut Blend?

The Modus Uppercut Blend has four main active ingredients: Delta 8 live resin, THC-H, THCjd, and strain-specific terpenes. They are carefully chosen to create a unique vaping experience that goes beyond the typical Delta 8 vapes you’ll find in your local store. Let’s break down the ingredients that go into the Uppercut Devices.

  • Delta 8 Live Resin: Delta 8 live resin is a type of Delta 8 extract known for its purity and rich flavor. It’s no surprise that it has become increasingly popular in recent years. To create Delta 8 live resin, hemp plants are frozen immediately after being harvested. This ensures the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds do not degrade as the plant dries. The hemp plants are kept frozen throughout the extraction process. Live resin is the way to go if you want to enjoy Delta 8 extract to the fullest. 
  • THC-H: THC-H is short for Tetrahydrocannabihexol. This is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid that was discovered in 2020. It produces a similar psychotropic effect as Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-9-THC), however it is more than ten times stronger. You’ll get a blissful, euphoric feeling from this cannabinoid. 
  • THCjd: THCjd is a rare cannabinoid found naturally in the hemp and marijuana plant. It is believed to be about 19 times stronger than Delta-9-THC but produces the same mood-elevating and deeply relaxing effect. 
  • Terpenes: One thing that sets Modus vaping products apart is that each device in our collection is infused with a blend of natural terpenes that gives it a unique, irresistible flavor. Our Uppercut blend products come with terpenes derived from top-rated strains like Alaskan Thunderfuck, Gush Mintz, Oreoz, Lemon Cherry Gelato, Gary Payton, Banana Breath, and Watermelon Zkittlez.

What Modus Products are available in the Uppercut Blend?

As the name implies, our Uppercut devices deliver a very potent “high,” which you can enjoy as either a vape or gummy. If you prefer to vape, you can opt for either a 2 gram disposable vaporizer or a 2 gram cart. Each one is unique and has its perks. Our Uppercut disposable vaporizer is ready-to-use out of the box. It’s ideal for people who want a hassle-free vaping experience. Our Uppercut cartridge provides a much more customizable vaping experience. We recommend using a low-wattage or adjustable battery for rich, flavorful hits. Although you can connect the cartridge to any 510-compatible mod/battery, Modus has a new XL Battery that was designed to fit flush with the large 2 gram cartridge on the Upper Cut Carts. Because of their strong potency, a little goes a long way which makes these carts very cost effective as noted by Dade, one of our loyal customers:

"Can't beat these carts for the money. They're insanely potent, there's a whole lot of juice in em, and they've got fantastic strains. I recommend them to everyone I know that uses carts."

If gummies are your jam, our Uppercut gummies come in 7 delicious flavors: Passion Fruit x Guava, Blue Razz x Sour Strawberry, Sour Melon x Lemonade, Mystery Flavor, Tropical Mango x Golden Pineapple, White Grape x Fuji Apple, and Black Cherry x Limeade. Each bag contains 20 gummies, each with 100mg of our potent blend. Our gummies are made with natural ingredients and flavors that create a chew so yummy, you’ll have to be careful not to eat them all in one sitting! As we said before, the Uppercut blend can really pack a punch, so it is recommended you start with just one gummy before upping your dose. With the potency and flavor so on point, its no surprise that our users call these the "best gummies there are." 

Who Should Use Modus Uppercut Devices?

Due to the strong potency of our Uppercut Blend, Modus Uppercut devices are perfect for people who want strong hits and intense effects. As Alan Orth, one of our users puts it:

"This delta 8 derivative delivers way more of a punch than it’s competitors on the market. It’s definitely in its own lane as far as quality. The taste is on point for each different flavor."

If you don’t have any experience using Delta 8 and other psychotropic cannabinoids, we recommend getting started with Delta 8 devices or Delta 8 Gummies. They’re just as enjoyable but do not contain THC-H and THCjd (which deliver incredibly potent effects). 

If you are ready to give the new Uppercut Carts, Disposables, and gummies a try, you can find them from the official source at

Written by Zachary Walls Writer for Medusa Delta 8
Zachary Walls
Born and raised in Northern California to a family with generations of cannabis knowledge. In addition to being a cannabis connoisseur himself, Zach is an owner/operator at a popular barbershop in the East Bay. In his spare time, Zach creates music and has worked with many influential bay area hip-hop and R&B artists. Follow on Instagram.


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