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Happy NY customer
Great product

This product provides a very nice high with lasting efforts. Worth the money.

Best gummies ever

I took half a v.2 and I was high the last 14 hours of the day right to a restful nights sleep. Im 61 and love my days again and sleep like a baby. thanks modus

Felt great, slept great, and no nasty hangover!


I absolutely love these! I’m a big fan of the indica varieties - always does the job!


They do what the name says!

I eat two of these every night about an hour before I go to bed and I sleep like a baby. I've tried lots of other gummies but these are the best and the customer service can't be beat!



Get some sleep!

I purchased the indica gummies to help get sleep with less neuropathic induced pain and they work quite well to achieve that goal.


I bought these as a 40th birthday gift for a dear friend who consistentlyuses CBD for PTSD! Idk how they are, I don't smoke, but I'll let you know once they've been tried! 🥳

Great Gummies

Arrived quickly. Good flavor. Nice, mellow high.


Good tasting.

Worked great, tasted awful.

I was excited to try these Presidential Cherry Cola Gummies (Indica) as I use them to sleep and figured that half a piece would get where I needed to be. For that aspect of these I was right. They did a great job of getting my mind relaxed enough so I could "Shut down" and get a good nights rest. For that I say "Thank you" On the other hand, the flavor was one of the least favorite flavor experiences my mouth has ever experienced. It was not cherry or cola. In fact the only proper description I have is it tasted like what industrial cleaner smells like. I will continue to order other Modus products but I will probably avoid this going forward as I shudder at the 39 servings of this I will have to go through.

One of the best

Actually works. I have imbibed for 61 years. This is the only products I have found to work.

Love modus!!!

Simply the best.

This is a well coordinated blend of cannabinoids to produce an energetic, cerebral high. The Sherbet Queen blend also has a delightful taste.

Excellent! No near to look elsewhere…


I found these in a local store. Loved them. Can only take about 1/4 though lol. They definitely get the job done. Way cheaper on the direct site.

Hits like a train

I'm a very experienced cannabis user and the Black Cherry Limeade Indica still slaps hard. Use with care.

Great value

This is the second small edibles bag I have ordered. First one had 3 sativa, 1 indica. Second one had 3 hybrid, 1 indica. It doesn't seem like they are interested in giving an even mix. Bag is great to reuse for dog walking supplies.

Always a favorite.

I can always depend on Modus for a quality product, honestly, more than anyone else.

So Tasty

I've gotten the D9 & CBD 1:1 gummies from yall before but these are next level compared to those! I got the Grapple (apparently I was the first one to buy this flavor according to a note on my receipt 😎) they work wonderfully with a great balanced feel and the flavor is amazing! I just wanna keep eating them, definitely getting more!!

I love it!

I got the Starry Night 5g disposable and this thing feels like it's lasting FOREVER. I'm only half way through it. I love the flavor, very natural tasting and doesn't taste artificial. Also I love the vape design because I can turn it off when needed AND it hasn't leaked or clogged on me yet 🙏

Thank you very much

Tastes great, hits even better

These gummies are legit. Modus is the only brand my wife and I trust. You know what you're getting every single time. Always consistent with a clean, enjoyable high.