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How Long Does a Delta 8 Disposable Last?

How Long Does a Delta 8 Disposable Last?

How Long Does a Delta 8 Disposable Last?

The primary reason why a lot of people opt for a Delta 8 disposable over other Delta 8 products is the fact that they are ready-to-use, fast-acting, and perfect for vaping on the go. The biggest—and possibly the only—downside of disposables is that well, they are disposable, which means they can not be refilled after the cannibinoid liquid inside is used up. With that said, they do generally get great life and there's a reason they are the most popular Delta 8 product!

Are you wondering how long a Delta 8 vape disposable should last? Do you want to know how you can make your disposable last longer? Read on to find out all these insights and more tips in this article.

How Long Should a Disposable Vaporizer Last?

The lifespan of a Delta 8 disposable depends on several factors, primarily its battery and internal liquid capacity. Manufacturers usually determine how much battery power is required to vaporize the Delta 8 extract in a disposable and fit the device with a befitting battery. However, their calculations sometimes fall short. That’s why you may find that your disposable’s battery runs out before the tank is empty.

To remedy this, some manufacturers equip their disposables with rechargeable batteries—especially when the device has a massive tank. But, if you have ever used a rechargeable disposable vaporizer, you may have found yourself wondering, “why is my Delta 8 disposable not charging?” Numerous factors can affect a disposable vaporizer’s ability to charge. Some manufacturers do not make their device’s charging apparatus with high-quality materials. As a result, it fails easily.

How to Make a Delta 8 Disposable Last Longer?

In order to make your disposable device last longer, it is best to learn how to use Delta 8 disposable vaporizers properly. While there are varying opinions about how to use disposables, we recommend taking soft, short draws. This allows the heating element in the device to heat up gradually, and you get a rich flavor and smooth hit. It also ensures your device doesn’t overheat and the airflow path doesn’t get blocked by Delta 8 residue which can help avoid clogging issues. The intensity and duration of each hit can go a long way to determining how long your Delta 8 disposable vaporizer lasts. Even when a manufacturer says a device can give you about 200 hits, if you take strong hits, you’ll most likely get less than 200 hits. 

HXC Disposable Modus

Another way to ensure that your disposable vape lasts as long as possible is to make sure to store it in a cool and dry place when not in use. Excessive moisture and heat can take a toll on the battery, so it is best to avoid leaving your vape in the car, in direct sunlight, or anywhere it can come into contact with water. 

Delta 8 Disposable Options From Modus

Modus Air Disposables

Our Modus Disposable Air Disposables are made from CDT (cannabis derived terpenes) and are available in all 3 of our most popular blends: Knockout, HXC Knockout, and Uppercut.

For the Air Disposable product line, we created a proprietary device conducting extensive tests before settling on the right fit for our Delta 8 disposable vaporizers. We made our battery rechargeable via micro-usb to ensure the battery lasts until the liquid inside is empty. We guarantee that our Delta 8 disposables won’t give out on you.

Modus Knockout Air

Modus Knockout Air Disposables contain 2000mg of our famous blend of CDT, Delta 10, Delta 8 live resin, and THC-P. You can choose from 3 of our unique strains, depending on your preference of sativa, indica, or hybrid:

  • Hulk Breath: Sativa Strain made with Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT)
  • Mac 10: Hybrid Strain made with Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT)
  • Kimbo Kush: Indica Strain made with Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT)


modus knockout air

Modus Knockout HXC Air

Modus Knockout HXC Air Disposables give you 2000mg of CDT, HXC-O, HXC Live Resin, and HXC-P. These one of a kind disposables come in 3 distinct strains:

  • Hawaiian Snow: Sativa Strain made with Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT)
  • Horchata: Hybrid Strain made with Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT)
  • Wifi 43: Indica Strain made with Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT)


modus hxc knockout air


Modus Uppercut Air

Our Modus Uppercut Air Disposables are made with 2000mg of CDT, THC-H, Delta 8 Live resin, and THCjd. This best selling blend can be enjoyed in a variety of strains:

  • Hawaiian Snow: Sativa Strain made with Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT)
  • Horchata: Hybrid Strain made with Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT)
  • Wifi 43: Indica Strain made with Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT
uppercut air donatti

These disposables really pack a punch, and does not compromise on flavor. As Wendy Norman, one of our loyal customers, puts it:

"Not only is this little dude adorable & lightweight, it's POTENT!! Uppercuts have never played around, I love them!! But this is a fresh, new take on disposables..the flavor is bomb"

Modus Delta 8 disposable vaporizers provide a safe, enjoyable vaping experience. Our devices are rechargeable and they’re sure to last longer than many other Delta 8 disposables on the market. If you use our Delta 8 disposables according to our recommendations, you should be able to get a few hundred hits from the device before you have to throw it out. Thanks to our state of the art design, you won’t experience any overheating or short-circuiting. Head to our online store today to learn more about our Delta 8 disposable vaporizer. 

Written by Zachary Walls Writer for Medusa Delta 8
Zachary Walls
Born and raised in Northern California to a family with generations of cannabis knowledge. In addition to being a cannabis connoisseur himself, Zach is an owner/operator at a popular barbershop in the East Bay. In his spare time, Zach creates music and has worked with many influential bay area hip-hop and R&B artists. Follow on Instagram.
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