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SAY NO TO 1475 & 1676

SAY NO TO 1475 & 1676

SAY NO TO 1475 & 1676

To all whom hold a vested interest in the alternative cannabinoid space:

The hemp & alternative cannabinoid industry in Florida is fighting to survive, and it needs your help. Big Cannabis has targeted the Florida hemp industry and is pushing Bills 1475/1676, which threaten an outright ban on the distribution & sale of alternative cannabinoids, including, but not limited to, Delta-8, Delta-10, HHC, and all known Tetrahydrocannabinol Isomers. The Bills currently have sponsors in both the Senate and the House. 

I realize how frustrating it is to give away hard earned money. However, that hesitancy is what caused Virginia, a state of almost 9 million people, to lose the entire alternative cannabinoid industry overnight. At 10:30 am EST on March 7th, 2023, FHAA President JD McCormick met with the Governor’s office in Virginia to plead for a veto so 4,000+ people don’t lose their jobs and our industry doesn’t lose access to these consumers. We cannot risk this happening to Florida. For those of you who are hesitant about donating, please consider the price you are willing to pay to continue to be able to do business in Florida as of July 2nd of this year. The proposed Bill would ban all alternative cannabinoids, effective July 1st, 2023.

I recognize that many of us are competitors, however, in this case we are all on the same team. Please think of any donations as the best possible investment your company could make. There is no higher return on investment than ensuring your continued ability to do business. All donations are tax deductible. In addition to your own contributions, please reach out to anyone you can think of who currently benefits or has a vested interest in our industry: farms, processors, manufacturers, brands, distributors, and retail stores, but also suppliers of ancillary goods such as terpenes, packaging, vape hardware, etc. Each dollar counts, big or small.

Let’s save our industry! 
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Matt Schwarmann
Hemp Industry Advocate
President Outpost Brands

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